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High fashion on a Vacation

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  • review rating 5  My experience at Go Sleek is always amazing! The customer service is impeccable and my installs have been nothing short of perfect. Monique cares about the health of my hair as much as, if not more than, how beautiful it is when I leave the salon. The pre-style experience is great, too, Keysha's hands are magical!! Treat yourself to the Go Sleek experience, if you haven't already!

    thumb Charnell Landry
  • review rating 5  Mo has the best hands ever when it comes to your hair. I've been going to her for years and she's been the same since day one.

    thumb Tonya Weaver
  • review rating 5  I have been going to Go sleek salon for the last few months and i couldn’t ask for better service. Monique does such a great job on my hair and her and Kesha have created a friendly and warm atmosphere in their salon. I Travel almost 3 hours to get my hair done! And Will continue to do so! I highly recommend you to get the Sleek experience

    thumb Jasmin Ingram
  • review rating 5  Monique and Kesha have created an inviting atmosphere to come and receive great care for my natural hair. I leave satisfied and anticipating my next salon visit.

    thumb Claudia Daniels
  • review rating 5  1st Reviewer Disclosure: Fair, Unbiased, and Facts Only! They took me literally at the last moment due to an emergency and flying in all the way from California. Very warm and inviting from the beginning, which instantly eased my anxiety. They made me feel secure and not a burden at all. Clients were also very nice and had good spirits. No negativity at this salon, all professional and family oriented. You know the path of a salon by their clientele. The owner always had the brightest smile, even at moments when pressured for time. She always made her clients feel valued and not rushing her AMAZING technique. This says a lot because we know stylists can loose focus on the main thing, which is always the client. Period. I witnessed her work hard with respect to her craft. You can tell its not all about profit with her. She takes time to precision and will get it done until its right and meets her standards. Keisha did my full sew-in with closure and ROCKED it! Again, these ladies are worth every service they offer. My hope is that as the salon's platforms grows (which it will with talent/dedication I witnessed) they remain humble because Mo's smile does more than create a warm energy, it transcends a positive humbleness from a woman who has the strength of a lion. Pros: Professional Super Friendly Quality Warm environment Hair in stock Time Conscious of Services offered to clients Owner who's present with clients vs. getting them in and out Cons: Hate they are in ATL (I guess more flights for me from California)

    thumb Shastity Harris

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